Welcome to China Wuhan International Industry Expo 2022

Wuhan International Industry Expo 2022

Time:October20-22,2022Venue: China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center

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  • Oct. 20 , Thur. 09:00-16:30
  • Oct. 21 , Fri. 09:00-16:30
  • Oct. 22 , Sat. 09:00-16:00
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Wuhan JS Watson Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Overseas cooperators:
Hong Kong Die & Mould Association
Hong Kong Metal Manufacturing Association
Hong Kong professional representative
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association
Japan Machine Tool Industry Association
Korea Trade Association

Domestic cooperators:
Hubei Province Automobile Industry Association 
Hubei Province Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance
Hubei Mechanical Engineering Society 
Wuhan Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Association
Hubei Instrument and Meter Society
Hubei Machine Tool Industry Association
Hubei Province Metallurgical Industry Association 
Hubei Province Machinery Industry Federation
Hubei Automotive Engineering Society 
Hubei Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center
Hubei Die & Mould Industry Association 
Hubei Energy Conservation Association
Hunan Machinery Industry Association 
Hubei Optoelectronic Display Industry Association
Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Association 
Hubei Shipbuilding Industry Association
Hunan Automobile Industry Association 
Hubei Environmental Protection Industry Association
Hefei Home Appliance Industry Association 
Hubei Biomedical Engineering Society
Anhui Province Automobile Industry Association 
Hubei Province Electric Power Machinery Industry Association
Henan Mechanical Engineering Society 
Hubei Hydropower Engineering Society
Anhui Province Machine Tool Association 
Hubei Province Welding Association

WHIIE 2022 consists of 6 fairs: Wuhan Intralogistics Expo Wuhan Industry Environmental Expo Wuhan Industrial Automation Expo Wuhan Metalworking & Welding Expo Wuhan Advanced Automotive Manufacturing Technology Expo Wuhan Electronics Components, Materials and Manufacturing Technology Expo

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ADDR:B1-2, Wuhan International International Museum Center, 619 Parrot Avenue, Hanyang District

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