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Wuhan International Industry Expo 2022

Time:October20-22,2022Venue: China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center

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Hexagon Announces Acquisition of Wuhan Zhongguan Company

Founded in 2014, Zhongguan Company provides users with 3D digital solutions based on the background of the photogrammetry and remote sensing disciplines of Wuhan University. All products in the product portfolio are based on independent research and development, independent design, independent production.

3D scanning technology breaks the limitations of traditional measurement and data processing methods. It can quickly scan the measured objects in a complex production environment, and easily obtain high-precision 3D surface data of various irregular, standard or non-standard entities. Three-dimensional modeling, measurement, detection and virtual reproduction of objects have significant advantages such as flexible portability, non-contact, real-time dynamics, digitization, and automation. At present, the technology and products of Zhongguan have been widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, rail transit, machinery and heavy industry, mold/casting, cultural museum art, biomedicine, industry/home, education and scientific research, 3D printing, VR/AR display, etc. In recent years, it has accumulated more than 2,000 3D engineering project experience.

Li Hongquan, Senior Vice President of Hexagon Group and President of Greater China, said: “Zhongguan’s 3D digital solution and Hexagon’s existing metrology industry complement each other. We will introduce Zhongguan into Hexagon. We will work hand in hand. Starting a new journey, after integration, it can provide users with more perfect and comprehensive digital reality solutions, fully tap the potential of data intelligence, help users improve quality, efficiency and productivity, and open up new horizons in the grand vision of intelligent manufacturing.”

WHIIE 2022 consists of 6 fairs: Wuhan Intralogistics Expo Wuhan Industry Environmental Expo Wuhan Industrial Automation Expo Wuhan Metalworking & Welding Expo Wuhan Advanced Automotive Manufacturing Technology Expo Wuhan Electronics Components, Materials and Manufacturing Technology Expo

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